Wozair USA – Staten Island Ferries

Wozair USA – Staten Island Ferries

After the success of the New York City Staten Island Ferry project in June of last year, Wozair (USA) has secured an additional two vessels in August and September this year.

The Staten Island Ferry is a 320ft Icon of New York, dating back to 1817. With more than sixty-eight thousand passengers a day, or twenty-five million passengers a year, it is no wonder that New York City Department of Transportation has elected to add the additional vessels.

The project consists of manufacturing a range of Fire Dampers and Control Dampers which must comply with the Buy America accreditation that Wozair (USA) achieved last year. This accreditation prioritises the purchase of American made goods, enabling Wozair (USA) to bid for and win projects in America.

Mark Hubbard, General Manager of Wozair USA is delighted to have won the bid to manufacture the dampers for these vessels and hopes that this will better position them to secure more projects like this again in future.


November 2019

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