Specialist HVAC Equipment Supplied for Upgrade 18 Years On

Specialist HVAC Equipment Supplied for Upgrade 18 Years On

In the summer of 2003, Wozair supplied a large quantity of high specification, critical safety, pneumatically operated Fire Dampers to the Exxon Mobil – Kizomba Angola ‘B’ FPSO Hull Project through a large Korean HVAC contractor and shipyard.

The project was estimated to recover approximately one billion barrels of oil at a target production rate of 250,000bpd. The design duplicated Kizomba A, reducing costs and cycle time.

More than 18 years later in 2021, Wozair were awarded a contract to supply further equipment to the project for the purpose of upgrading and refurbishing areas of the FPSO, to be delivered to Angola for the project in Q2 2022.

Typical dampers for the oil and gas industry are manufactured using 3mm thick stainless steel 316L however this project needed equipment supplied in 10 mm thick stainless steel 316L. This required special measures and processess to produce and handle each unit demonstrating Wozair’s commitment to finding a solution for even the most unconventional project specifications.

The project also required each unit to be fully equipped with a carefully engineered pneumatic controls set and bespoke duct connection pieces to allow the installer to simply ‘plug and play’.

As the newly supplied dampers were identical like-for-like replacements, from the important operating controls through to the little details in the fixtures and fittings. This allowed the team at site to simply remove the old and replace with the shiny new units.

Typically, site install teams spend valuable time and resource ensuring new equipment is correctly fitted. This was largely avoided by the team at Wozair delivering replacements that were indistinguishable from the originals.

When fully assembled each unit will weigh nearly three quarters of a ton (approx. 740kg).


July 2022

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