Production Begins at Appomattox

Production Begins at Appomattox

The Appomattox floating oil production system operated by Shell started production on Thursday 17th May, several months ahead of schedule.

The development is a joint venture between Shell (79%) and CNOOC (21%) and is one of the largest projects to have recently launched in the Gulf of Mexico. The platform is expected to produce 175,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day from its position 80 miles southeast of the Louisiana coastline.

Wozair manufactured a range of dampers and spares and offered various support services for Appomattox from September 2015 to December 2016, all of which were manufactured at their US facility in Houston, Texas.

The factory, which opened in 2006, was one of four new manufacturing facilities that formed part of an international expansion by Wozair, who has since acquired two new businesses in the UK.

Last year, Shell announced a new discovery near Appomattox that can be further drilled and developed through connections to the platform called the Dover discovery, which will prevent the need to build a new platform in the future.

Since approving Appomattox in 2015, Shell has said that it achieved cost reductions of 40% as part of their commitment to drive down costs through efficiency improvements during execution.

Wozair USA are pleased to have been part of the cost-saving project that has since led to new discoveries in the first large-scale production off the Gulf of Mexico.

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