North Field Production Sustainability in Qatar

North Field Production Sustainability in Qatar

In 2022, Wozair were approached to assist on a gas project for North Field Production Sustainability (NFPS) in Qatar. This is part of a complete HVAC supply scope Wozair is providing for the project through main contractor Saipem. Working alongside Thermoplant Ltd, Wozair were able to provide the full solution of AHU’s and refrigeration units. 


The 24 units that Wozair is currently manufacturing at the UK facility are Air Handling Units, which are being supplied for the 12 platforms Local Equipment Room (LER) building.  

Each unit has been designed, built, and brought to the market complying with Qatari Governmental and Regulatory Requirements, Projects Specifications, Industry Codes and Standards, and Contractor Working Practices.  


These Air Handling Units are engineered for heavy duty environment (marine/offshore corrosive environment) and suitable for hazardous area location.  



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February 2023

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