Wozair USA Win Contract with Royal Caribbean

Wozair USA Win Contract with Royal Caribbean

Wozair USA has won their first ever damper contract for Royal Caribbean Cruises as the industry prepares to welcome passengers again this summer.

Over 60 dampers will be installed in the RCCL Enchantment which is scheduled to depart from Baltimore for a series of 5-day Bermuda cruises. The project is a significant one for Wozair who have previously supplied equipment to Carnival Cruise Lines.

“We are delighted to secure this project which demonstrates optimism for the cruise industry following catastrophic financial losses last year.

Our dampers are critical to ensure clean air is circulated around the vessel protecting both staff and guests. Since the Covid19 outbreak, it has never been more important to have an efficient HVAC system onboard.

We hope that the industry can make its long-awaited comeback and we can work with Royal Caribbean again in the future.” – Mark Hubbard, Managing Director of Wozair USA.

Royal Caribbean will be deploying new safety protocols, including mandatory face masks and enhanced cleaning policies once ships set sail again. Like the rest of the travel industry, they are looking forward and pinning their hopes on the vaccines that have been developed and approved.

There is further confidence for the industry following the results of a recent study by Royal Caribbean conducted in July 2020 to evaluate how a cruise ship’s HVAC system worked and what risks were posed to guests and crew members.

The study found the risk associated with transmission of airborne particles between spaces, through the HVAC system, is exceptionally low and undetectable both in the air and on surfaces.

April 2021

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