Wozair Continued Air Handling Unit Success

Wozair Continued Air Handling Unit Success

Following work that began in 2019, Wozair is pleased to report the seventh and final Air Handling Unit (AHU) has been despatched for a client in the Canadian oil and gas industry.

The first AHU was supplied in 2019 and was followed with 6 being manufactured and delivered in 2020.

Most of the AHUs followed a fairly standard layout of filters, cooling coil and fan sections. However, the final unit was more of challenge as it consisted of two stacked units, requiring considerable structural steelwork to support the upper unit.

There were further challenges in designing trace heated weather louvres that wrapped around the intake plenum, with a considerable amount of trace heated/insulated drain piping being installed between the two sections. Running vast lengths of trace heating within this AHU also required a lot of electrical design input, for the distribution of power to run these circuits.

This particular AHU also had a large volume fan which demanded a considerable framework to support the motor runway beams that needed to be rated for a tonne SWL.

Ben Thrower, Senior Project Engineer, explains; “aside from the technical aspects, the final AHU also created a challenge logistically that we were able to overcome. The unit had to be supplied stacked and assembled for installation as a single piece. At 5m tall, this made it one of the tallest air handling units Wozair has ever made.”

This project again demonstrates Wozair’s abilities to offer bespoke solutions to clients’ very specific requirements.

January 2021

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