Wozair Complete Veotec Acquisition

Wozair Complete Veotec Acquisition

Wozair Limited has completed the acquisition of the remaining shares in Veotec Limited and Veotec Group from the original Shareholders in January this year.

Wozair acquired a majority shareholding of Veotec in June 2017 however they will now become fully integrated into the Group over the next six months. As a result of the integration some of the processes will be moved to the Gillingham office and certain Group responsibilities have been reallocated.

The integration will result in better worldwide market opportunities for both the Veotec and Wozair product ranges through sharing distribution channels and resources, efficiencies, better communication and cost savings.

The Shareholders look forward to a positive outcome for the Wozair Group with the Veotec integration despite the market challenges they continue to experience.


January 2019

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