Thermoplant Manufacture Innovative Acoustic Chamber Solution

Thermoplant Manufacture Innovative Acoustic Chamber Solution

Heat pumps (1000kW and 600kW) have been installed at several locations in London as efforts to decarbonise and switch to renewable energy sources continue.

The systems are designed to draw heat from the London Chalk Aquifer to provide base load heating to community housing estates in the London Borough of Southwark.

They had been reported to be generating high noise levels resulting in complaints being made by nearby residents, therefore recommendations were made for acoustic housings to be installed to reduce the noise outbreak.

Thermoplant, part of the Wozair Group, offered the solution of custom built acoustic chambers to surround and enclose the heat pumps whilst offering the necessary ventilation requirements. The chambers maintain maximum access to the control cabinet and HMI control screen as well as maintenance/service access.

The project held an inpressive lead-time of just six weeks from design enquiry to delivery, adding to the success of managing the noise polution. The enclosures were manufactured in a flat pack for ease of transportation and site installation, totally enclosing the heat pump package and maintaining all interface services.

Thermoplant is pleased to have provided a successful noise reducing solution for the heat pumps which have been described by the Energy Secretary as “game changing” in relation to Britain’s need for renewable energy. The Government has a target of 4.5 million heat pumps across Britain.

April 2022

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