Rigorous Product Testing for Nuclear Applications

Rigorous Product Testing for Nuclear Applications

Wozair Group Mobile Filtration Units (MFU) / Mobile Extraction Units (MEU) undergo a series of tests to prove their integrity and duty of design which is paramount for use in the Nuclear industry.

The filter units are used in a range of radiological processes, either short term temporary applications usually where there is a need to filter low level waste or where permanent HEPA filtration banks cannot be considered due to onsite conditions, such as access.

When the application is complete these units then can be decontaminated and used again on other radiological applications around the site.

Wozair specialise in Ferroxyl, Salt, Passivation, Pressure and Performance Testing in addition to standard Dimension, Electrical, Welding, Material and Quality Control checks.

Recently Wozair has just completed a number of Mobile Extraction Units for one of the major UK site license companies at sites in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dumfries and Galloway. The requirement was to fulfil the filtration requirement on the Modular Intermediate Level Waste Encapsulation Plant on each site.

Two of the sites we identical in design with the third differing slightly, which meant that the client was also looking for an alternative solution for the fan requirement which Wozair was able to source.

In this instance, Wozair assisted the client with the design to achieve a footprint suitable for access and performance. The custom design changed the standard straight through housing to a 90-degree housing with a custom filter spigot to achieve a solution to the restricted access.

This rigorous and regularly revised testing demonstrates Wozair’s continued dedication to improving the safety of their products and the service provided to their clients.

November 2021

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