MFD Fire Test with Petz Actuator

MFD Fire Test with Petz Actuator

The Wozair MFD Achieves A-60 Fire Test Rating with Petz Actuator

Wozair is delighted to have completed a series of successful fire tests on their MFD (Marine Fire Damper) using the Petz QT electric actuator.

The damper has achieved an A-60 fire test rating in accordance with the IMO FTP Code 2010. These fire tests give Wozair the ability to offer fire dampers at 1220mm x 1525mm (duct width x height) as a single module. The same rating is achieved in both deck and bulkhead configurations.

This and other developments underpin Wozair’s commitment to being a market leader in the offshore HVAC industry. You can view footage of the testing below.


March 2019

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