Keeping Our Staff Safe – Returning to the Office

Keeping Our Staff Safe – Returning to the Office

Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not show symptoms.

Rapid lateral flow tests help find cases in people who may not have symptoms but are still infectious and can pass on the virus.

That is why we are pleased to announce that we have launched in-house testing in partnership with NHS Test and Trace. We now carry out regular Lateral Flow tests for our employees to increase the chances of catching and stopping the spread of Covid-19.

A team of Wozair staff members are now trained in Covid-19 testing, managing the testing and ensuring staff comply with the social distancing guidelines throughout the process.

We’ve been carrying out in-house testing since April 7th, to help us further minimise the risk to our staff and guarantee a consistent service for our clients.

For further information or if you want to order your test kits, follow the link:

June 2021

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