Jet AHU’s Leave Wozair Factory for the East Midlands Gateway

Jet AHU’s Leave Wozair Factory for the East Midlands Gateway

Four Air Handling Units, consisting of 14 modules have now left Wozair for their new home on the SERGO Logistics Park, East Midlands Gateway.

The units are part of the project secured by Jet Environmental, to provide temperature control solutions for DHL and Mars at the new development. The first three units were delivered in three sections on the 28th June, with final construction and installation taking place on site.

The fourth unit, constructed in five sections, was delivered the following Friday.

They are the first large scale units to be manufactured at Wozair for Jet since the acquisition in 2016.

The project has benefitted from Jet and Wozair synergies by making use of shared workshop space and bringing more of the manufacturing process inhouse, reducing time and costs. It is hoped that more projects can be managed this way in future.

The project was awarded to Jet at the end of 2020 and is due for completion in August this year.

Jet Environmental are dedicated to finding new ways to reduce carbon emissions by providing systems with the highest energy efficiency. Their Air Induction Systems are recognised as the most energy efficient way of heating, cooling and ventilating large volume buildings whilst maintaining critical temperature requirements.



July 2021

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