Extensive Experience Supplying HVAC Systems Critical to Naval Operations

Extensive Experience Supplying HVAC Systems  Critical to Naval Operations

Naval vessels are subject to some of the most challenging conditions at sea and are often called upon to provide disaster relief and secure distant areas. This can require deployment anywhere in the world at short notice, including regions with extreme climates far from supplies.

The onboard climatic conditions of a vessel can also have an impact the mood of the crew during operations. Therefore, the importance of the HVAC systems and air quality onboard cannot be underestimated.

Although the principles of HVAC are applied in the same way at sea as they are with land-based applications, there are many additional factors to be considered. To ensure the delivery of efficient and comfortable conditions, an extensive understanding of what it takes to ensure the ship and crew operate effectively, even under pressure is required.

This requires the knowledge and ability to work to multiple standards and specifications including Classification Societies such as Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (UK), DNV (Norwegian) and Military Rules from either the Royal Navy (RN) or the United States Navy (USN). This is in addition to working to the Royal Navy’s own set of standards.

Operating for over 35 years, Wozair has extensive experience supplying HVAC equipment onboard a variety of naval vessels. Typical installations include Isolation Dampers, Fire Dampers, Droplets Separators, Weather Louvres and Low Leakage Dampers designed specifically for CBRN conditions (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear warfare).

Bespoke Air Intake ventilation systems and chilled water systems can also be provided to cool essential parts of the system such as computers and radar and sonar communications vital to the integrity of the ship.

Conditions at sea determine that all the equipment is required to function while rocking at 30 degrees either side with G forces of 0.5 to 1.5g. Shock and vibration requirements are often significantly higher. Likewise, in case of fire and smoke hazards, the ducting must ensure that critical areas of the vessel can continue to function regardless of any damage that has occurred.

Wozair understand the many challenges faced in such a unique environment and is well equipped to provide innovative solutions to the most challenging requirements.

As a naval sector specialist, Wozair has diverse and established experience in this field, selecting and manufacturing products with exceptional durability for the Naval and defence sectors.

June 2021

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