Damper Pressure Drop Testing

Damper Pressure Drop Testing

Wozair has recently been conducting pressure testing for a number of its damper products using a purpose built airflow facility.

Lewis Stroud, Proposals Engineer, who recently joined Wozair on a full time basis following a successful placement year during his undergraduate studies, was tasked with designing the test rig and performing the tests.  The test rig allows us to measure the pressure drop for a range of Wozair damper products to determine their loss coefficient, including the Volume Control Damper, Marine Fire Damper and Blast Resistant Damper.  All instrumentation used for testing is independently calibrated.

Lewis explains: “knowing the total pressure loss through a ductwork system is critical for HVAC design (specifically fan selection).  Understanding how our products impact on that, however minimal, is very important.  The first stage is to undertake this testing in-house, however once completed we will look to have the results independently verified by a third party and published”.

November 2020

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