Weather Louvre

Wozair offer a range of austenitic stainless steel high efficiency weather louvres. The louvres designed primarily for Offshore oil and Petrochemical industries. These are well suited to ventilation
and power generation air intake and cladding systems exhaust applications as well as louvre to prohibit the ingress of wind driven.

The function of the weather louvre is to prevent rain entering into the ventilation system. Three configurations of louvre are available with a range of efficiency performance to suit particular applications. Each configuration has been subject to a performance test by a third party independent test authority (BSRIA).

The type SB is best suited to installation on exhaust ducts, although it can be used on intake systems where some ingress of water is acceptable.

The type SBG is best suited to installation on intake systems requiring a high level of separation efficiency.

The type DBG is best suited to installation on intake systems where a very high level of separation efficiency is required resulting in no or negligible water ingress.


Technical Data

All stainless steel construction from grade 304L or 316L
Integral water drain system via front face or drain boss
Integral weathergrid on types SBG and DBG to improve water removal
Channel frame construction for all types with an angle frame option available on the SB
Bird mesh guard (fixed or removable) on type SB


Weather Louvre


Achilles FPAL Certificate

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