Veotec Spray Eliminator – Trace Heated

SE1TH heated inlet vanes provide field-proven protection with turbine installations operating in some of the world’s most aggressive environments.

Spray Eliminator – Trace Heated inlet vanes prevent inlet icing for power generation, oil and gas, HVAC equipment, ventilation systems, and diesel engines.

These heated vane inlets provide anti-icing protection in freezing conditions preventing any harmful build-up of snow or ice. SETH vane Separators efficiently remove sea spray, mist, drift, rain droplet, bulk water, salt and other fine deliquesced aerosol debris from air intakes.

Each Vane is Trace Heated giving a uniform temperature rise across the whole area. We can supply individually thermostatically controlled units or there can be a central control. The system can be Safe or Hazardous-Area rated to suit the client requirements.

If whole system Trace Heating is not required, Wozair can also just Trace Heat the drain trough and pipes to prevent any standing water freezing.

Technical Data

Removes rain / sea spray from the air
Low pressure losses
Works effectively up to 5.0m/s
Stainless Steel 316L / DIN 1.4404
Stainless Steel 304L / DIN 1.430
Aluminium 5083 or equivalent
SE Profile Vane
Stainless Steel 316L / DIN 1.4404
Stainless Steel 304L / DIN 1.4307
Aluminium 6063 T6
Vane Spacers
Polyamide (Plastic) Injection Moulded
Internal Foam
Polyether Open Cell Foam
Name Plate
Stainless Steel 316L or Traffolyte
Internal Sealing
Sikaflex S221

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