Ultra Low Leakage Isolation Damper

Built with stainless steel closed blade isolation seals, oil impregnated bearings and a parallel blade design.

To supplement the existing comprehensive range of nuclear dampers, Wozair offer an Ultra Low Leakage Isolation Damper (IDX) suited for safety critical applications where there is the need to achieve very low leakage rates while maintaining extreme ductwork pressures such as tie-in sections and venting to atmosphere.

The IDX has continually welded construction resulting in low case leakage for both manual and electric operation.

A 1m square damper was tested under stringent conditions and subjected to pressure in excess of 7.0 kPa. A blade leakage of 21.4 l/s/m² was achieved at (7000 Pa).

In order to achieve this figure a unique parallel blade design has been developed in line with the latest nuclear industry standards.

Technical Data

Product Code
Minimum Size
150W x 150H x 300D mm
Maximum Size
1000W x 1000H x 300D mm
Blade leakage 21.4 l/s/m² @7.0 kPa and 4.5 l/s/m² @2.0 kPa
Casing and Flanges
Stainless Steel 304L/316L (1.4307/1.4404)
Stainless Steel 304L/316L (1.4307/1.4404)

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